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I’m a big daydreamer. Daydreaming is wonderful. When I was younger I dreamed about guys and about becoming a musical star, Broadway was calling my name and that’s how Daniel Craig would find out about and subsequently fall in love with me. That dream came to an end when I didn’t make the audition for the trial semester at an acting school in Hamburg. But when I read an article about F.I.T. in New York two years later, my daydreaming took another turn and I gratefully learned that sometimes dreaming does lead to dreams coming true.

Today, with Daniel being off the market, my daydreaming seems to evolve around travel and foreign places. They aren’t really plans for the future anymore, but more little escapes from reality. On the days when Hamburg is too grey my mind will wonder into the sun and when a chicken bus in the middle of nowhere is too hot and humid to bear I will fantasize of German trains and their cleanliness. Nah, scratch that, I don’t think I have ever actively dreamed of the German transport system. I dare say that my daydreaming destinations are slightly more glamorous or at least designed to leave me a little breathless with excitement, after all why dream about them otherwise. Some also make for excellent travel tips which you probably won’t find in a regular guide book, so I will share them in this daydreaming feature. Some others are admittedly very personal; after all you really can’t just show up and sit in my aunt’s garden in Cape Town. I will share them anyhow, because maybe they can inspire you to find your own little dream-escapes regardless of the dream being secret garden or a deserted island …

Incidentally one of my favorite day dreaming scenarios goes along with a song called Happy Dreamer. My friend and I were driving from Ford Lauderdale into Miami for dinner a few years back. Sunset over the coast and us listening to this song on repeat. Whenever it finished one of us would shout ‘Let’s listen to it again!’ and so we did for the entire drive. While the evening ended in food poisoning for me, this drive is still one of my happiest memories and I strongly recommend the song for any feel good playlist.


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