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giraffe love - midnight blue elephant - south africa - annika ziehen - giraffe manor

When I was born my brother who draws really well made a drawing of my mother and I that showed a mother giraffe and baby giraffe. Probably inspired by the fact that my mother has a somewhat long neck and that I was a tall 59cm when I was born. So I think giraffes were predestined to be my spirit animals.

However that bond was only really formed during my very first safari when all of a sudden I was next to one and it felt like Wow. Hello. Where have you been all my life, friend? From that day I have loved giraffes and will ignore the lions, the rhinos and won’t care if I don’t see a leopard as long as I see giraffes. My timeline is overflowing with giraffe pictures that friends post for me all the time (thanks, guys!) and needless to say my most wanted holiday destination is Giraffe Manor in Kenya; I was the most jealous when my cousin Adam went and got to feed a giraffe. That was till I found out that fellow blogger Gaelyn Cokayne did a topless photo shoot with a giraffe for the Animal Welfare calendar. While I don’t care for the topless part, but then again sex sells and here it is for a good cause, she got to actually cuddle with a giraffe! Why can’t I ever cuddle with a giraffe??

Obviously the question has come up over and over why The Midnight Blue Elephant isn’t The Midnight Blue Giraffe if I love them so much and honestly I have no good answer. I came up with the name one night while staring at my elephant poster, which is actually damn expensive wrapping paper that I turned it into a poster instead, and there it was – the name. And then it couldn’t be changed, try as I might. That’s how it sometimes goes with names…

However in light of a new endeavor – new city, new blog – I was most happy when my friend Claire gave me my very own midnight blue giraffe as a farewell gift.

giraffe love - midnight blue elephant - south africa - annika ziehen - giraffe manor

I love this giraffe and I also think it’s the perfect South African souvenir and easy to transport. In case you prefer another animal, check out Bloc Art’s website. And in case you share my love for giraffes, feel free to send some my way and I will gladly add them to my Pinterest board, aptly named Giraffe Love.

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