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You could assume that I have traveling down to an art by now. But the truth is…I really don’t. When I have to pack, I sit in front of my suitcase paralyzed, I sleep really badly if I have to catch an early flight, and despite never being late for anything, I always manage to run into trouble on my way to the airport, cutting it too short for my liking all the time. Part of this art is also not leaving your passport at home when you want to fly to New York. Nope, I don’t have this art down.

Neither the part to travel in style as people call it. I’m happy if I manage to not forget my camera/iPhone/Kindle charger at home, do I really care if they are neatly rolled up in a suitable charger case? I don’t, I just keep them in an old Azzedine Alaïa shoe bag. You could argue that this screams style, but mind you, I never owned the shoes that went with the shoe bag. In fact you would think I take my style advice for traveling from Czerkinsky. In the song les sacs en plastic he describes how he travels the world with his little plastic bag, which is, while not very chic, practical and somehow dear to him. That could be me, considering that more often than not I ignore my neccessaire and just throw all my toiletries in a plastic bag. I also reuse one ziplock bag over and over for my face spritz (which I would never forget!). My notes and print-outs are kept in a red plastic manila folder, which admittedly has never been stylish to begin with and has by now seen better days. I don’t have a passport holder and while it shows, the wear and tear sort of make me proud; it screams of adventure just as much as the many stamps inside. Or that’s at least what I’m trying to tell myself, it has been getting some not so friendly looks lately by immigration officers.

It seems ever since I had to take my former boss’ camera wrapped in a sock to go out into the fashion world under glaring looks of shiny PR people, I have gotten a thick skin. My camera is now wrapped in a COS scarf, which I consider a big improvement from the sock. I think that maybe I am not meant to have nice things when it comes to traveling equipment. But while I have given up on the idea of ever owning a vintage Louis Vuitton steamer trunk, I still dream that one day, maybe, when I grow up, I can travel in style too. At least my passport should be wrapped in a nice folder when I leave it at home.

In case you would like to travel in style as well, here is a little guide with some beautiful ideas from around the world. I was told it’s almost Christmas…

one Imogene + Willie leather clutch, large enough for ALL my paperwork. two Sofia Cashmere travel set: eye mask, blanket and pillow cover that will fit most airline pillows. three Aesop jet set kit; so you can be a good smelling traveler. four Joie d’Vivre camera straps. The prettiest South African export! five Hermès passport holder. Needless to say any passport looks better in some signature orange. six Carry on Cocktail Kit. Speaks for itself. I must admit I stole found that on Cupcakes and Cashmere and simply couldn’t resist – who doesn’t want an old fashioned Old Fashioned in the air? seven WANT LES ESSENTIELS DE LA VIE garment bag. eight Jemariku personalized leather ties for any untidy cable mess. nine Moorea Seal stripy laptop case.

travel christmas gift guide - annika ziehen - midnight blue elephant - 01

Last but not least and the most wonderful gift of them all – A Christmas Tree! With my friends from Greenpop you can gift a Christmas tree to someone you love. With the mission of re-greening Sub-Saharan Africa Greenpop plants trees to offset carbon footprint. As a little pre-Christmas gift Greenpop will sponsor a tree for one of my readers, the perfect gift for green loved one far away. In order to apply please comment below whom you would like to gift a tree to and why. Winner will be drawn Friday, December 12th!


  1. Whoop! I’d want to give the tree to my dad because he has never left Europe, but this way he would have a very good reason to travel to Africa with me!


  2. Caroline Schmitt says

    Cool beans! I would give it to my grandma because she loves faraway places and not being able to get there now wouldn’t be so hard with a pretty tree like that 🙂


  3. I would give the tree to the company I work for, since there are more than 18 different nationalities working in one office – a tree from far away and with an awesome story would be the perfect add-on! 🙂


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