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When you are starting out with a new blog your first readership will be very likely consist of friends and family, sometimes bribed to read and comment with cookies and in my case wine (my friends and family care more for the latter). Obviously the need for readers exponentially goes up when you plan your first giveaway. What is worse than having a really awesome price that nobody wants? So that this wouldn’t happen I pestered and bribed some more to have a grand total of four applicants who wanted an awesome Christmas tree sponsored and planted by Greenpop to give to a loved one. While I might sound sarcastic by calling it a grand total of four, I am actually quite touched that these four lovelies took the time, humored me, and commented. So I thought I should honor them, do the proper thing, and make it a real drawing of the winner: I wrote each person’s name on a note card, folded them up, put in my Le Creuset pester, and together with my new made friend, the midnight blue origami elephant, I blindly drew a winner.

There is really no bias here from my side as I actually thought each and every person and reason they wanted to gift the tree was quite awesome. But I must admit that I was particularly excited that I drew my wonderful friend…


In addition to the fact that Claire wants to gift the tree to her new husband Gareth and I got to be at their wedding, she is also my special Greenpop friend and together we attended their Reforstfest in Platbos, South Africa twice. She is the one who got me camping, taught me how to pitch a tent, and together we planted over a thousand trees in a day. Claire also showed me there that friends are best made over a cup of shared Roibos tea with milk in the forest while I showed her that even on a camping you must always bring pink bubbly.

With that said – Happy Holidays, Mrs and Mr Edwards, and enjoy your Christmas tree!


    • Oh, sorry! But you can still buy yourself a tree from Greenpop any time of the year – fruit trees are better in summer anyhow 🙂


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