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It has been a moving year literally and figuratively. For someone who is not a professional (yet) I have travelled a lot. A spent a month in Thailand, I attended a wedding in Tuscany, one in Hamburg, and one in Nierstein, I was in Morocco twice and attended my very first travel conference, I went to Egypt and Dubai for the first time ever and stood on the for now tallest building of the world. I ate a lot of amazing food, fell in love with an Italian supermarket, fell in love with a guy, had to leave Italy and make do with the German supermarkets, got my heart broken by said guy and had to make do with others. I swam in many oceans and realized again how I like the prickly feeling that salt leaves on my skin. How I like the moments when you are walking through really cold water and you are almost happy once your feet get numb. When you start thinking that the water is actually warm and you …

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I recently wrote a story for the Travelettes about experiences. So often we seem to have a destination bucket list, but for me it is really all about the things I want to do and see rather than just places. One of the things I really want to experience now is Christmas time at home. While there are many times when I miss Cape Town temperatures, I haven’t had proper Christmas feelings for the past seven years there. As a child my mother would tell me that in South Africa the candles were melting on my auntie’s Christmas tree, because of the December heat. That is a complete hoax I think my mother made up as I have never seen that happen (if you are a South African and it has happened to you, speak now or be forever silent!). But still the sun is shining and everyone struggles with eating too many Christmas treats while trying to maintain that bikini body. And with all that sunshine you will have a hard time seeing the …