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My sole motivation to go to Vietnam was to eat as many fresh spring rolls as possible. I was reminded of that reason yesterday at a fancy cocktail party where they served some, but introduced them as summer rolls. Which is what they are only called elsewhere but not in Vietnam. I dare to say you will get blank looks when you order summer rolls there. Nevertheless they were actually pretty good, at least as far as Vietnamese food outside of Vietnam goes that you get at a cocktail party. Good enough to make me miss it, so I spent the evening eating more rolls than appropriate while trying to inauspiciously google cheap flights to Vietnam. Mind you, my November is fully booked travel wise so I decided to rather write a little story about Vietnam and since the memory of the wonderful fresh spring rolls is too painful, I thought I should rather make it about Halong Bay. The motivation to go and see Halong Bay wasn’t food, but the movie Indochine. If you …