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The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind. Sorry, I actually hate this expression and hope you do too. But holiday life has indeed been somewhat busy and while I’m trying to decide where my sandy little feet will go for dinner I thought to give you a picturesque overview of what has been happening. I took full advantage of the business class flight that Emirates bestowed on me and changed my return ticket in order to add a week to do my Advanced Open Waters in Koh Tao. So after yet another day of getting up early, catching a plane, waiting, catching a ferry, I have arrived back in paradise and giving New Heaven’s diver’s hut a go. So far so good, because while it is a simple little accommodation I do have my own office porch including sea view and the hugest banyan tree to watch over me. And more importantly tomorrow I will be off into the blue again and while a bit anxious, it has been ages it seems, I cannot …

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The amount of luxury hotels in Marrakech is staggeringly high. Add to this countless riads where you can stay and you got yourself an almost endless array of options when it comes to accommodation. While I consider myself a bit of a truffle pig when it comes to hotels all these options were daunting, even to me, when I went to Morocco last August. Luckily I came across my friend’s Kim blog in Cape Town who had written about Chambres d’Amis and highly recommended it . I inquired a bit further and with the best prices I could find it was really I no-brainer to try it. Arriving at the maze that is the Marrakech medina you will be glad to have a porter who knows what he is doing and where he is going, so I was glad to have a pick-up organized and followed him with wide eyes as one does when crossing the Jemaa El Fna. Chambres d’Amis is tucked away in a side alley of a side alley about a three …

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Okay, well, not quite, but almost and this is how it happened… As per usual I had gone all out in my planning for my last week in Thailand. After weeks of reading, searching, and asking around I had settled on Koh Tao and the Baan Talay Resort, mainly because they offered yoga classes and huts with hammocks in an ultra secluded location. Before I continue my story, let me say that Baan Talay couldn’t be any more beautiful, so if you go to Koh Tao, I can highly recommend it. However this is not meant to be your average raving hotel review though it would deserve one. I just think as per usual the buts make for a more fun story. The one but of Baan Talay is that you are completely surrounded by nature. Which of course is great in theory, especially when you learn that trees are not cut away just to have a view and that everything is done in the least invasive way possible. But it also means that nature …